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Welcome to TOPCOM Messaging, the go-to unified business communications system in Singapore!

The Internet is rapidly and constantly changing the way businesses are run, and the only way to stay ahead of the pack is to ensure that you are using the most innovative technology available.

In order to better connect and communicate with customers, it is necessary to have an effective unified business communications system in place. And at TOPCOM, our solutions are the most innovative and cutting edge that you will find in Singapore.

The automation of Information processing services.

The automation of operations, for example in supply chains, is a vital component to the efficiency and success of companies across all industries. It is a major driver of productivity and it takes error, cost and time out of the systems, ultimately leading to more profitability. It shortens global supply chains by a factor of three to five. And it’s only just beginning to take off.

The cost of finding things and doing transactions has crashed.

In earlier times, researchers would spend maybe 70 percent of their time looking for data, and the other 30 percent analyzing it. Now it is the other way round, and the trend is rapidly continuing to reverse. Anyone who sells anything knows that people are much more knowledgeable about what they are buying, and can easily compare different options in a matter of minutes. So the effect on the information structure of markets is quite dramatic. As buyers become smarter, businesses cannot afford to be left behind.

The Internet makes Human Resources more accessible.

Outsourcing is all the rage now. That's the trend in the services industry, and the Indian IT business process outsourcing is a case in point. It is about the collapsing of the boundaries in the labour market in certain sectors. It is about new collaborations being possible. It is about finding and using resources whose cost in the past was simply too high. Essentially, the human resource climate has changed and that may be the biggest effect in the long run.

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